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The Lord called our leader to begin a ministry that would focus on “Hope, Healing and Restoration”.  Her desire was for the body of Christ to be healed in totality.  The time has passed for people leaving church unchanged, so she desired an atmosphere that would be full of healing (mind, body and soul) for those that wanted to experience the power of Christ Jesus.

Pastor Sonya put the vision in writing in 2014 and it became a faith walk.  She gathered a core group of 8 saints and shared the vision.  She encouraged them to pray and seek the Lord about their part and advise her if they would assist in this new kingdom effort.  Those that decided to work with Pastor elected to sow monetary start up gifts.  We prayed over those monies and the Lord has expanded our faithfulness in stewardship.

Pastor Sonya received council from Bishop Howard V. Winston as they met on July 3rd.  Bishop Winston provided much insight and charged her that night to be faithful to God’s calling and to spiritually serve those that God would plant in her care.

Our first service was held August 3, 2014 in Raleigh, NC.  Pastor Michael A. Yates of Harvest Time Ministries, 402 Hill Street, Raleigh, NC opened the doors of his church and allowed us to worship in his building.  We started with our services in the afternoon at 4:00pm and Bible Class on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm.  We are grateful for people who loved us and have sown into the vision for such as time as this.

Our first church mother,  Mother Clarice Spence has provided sound council and an example to everyone she meets.  Our first musician was Bro. Moreese Cooper and we are thankful for his service to the ministry; Bro. Randy Clark blessed the ministry with a new set of drums, and Pastor Russell Harris drove an organ down from Chicago, IL to ensure our music department was complete.  These are just some of the sacrifices that people have made to be a blessing.  Since the inception - members, family and friends have sown their time, talents and treasures into Word Center Church.

In January 2018 the church moved to a new 1,500 square foot location in South East Raleigh (500 S New Hope Road, Suite 104).  The location required numerous renovations.  The members and faithful supporters rallied to make this vision a reality in record time (3 weeks).  These efforts included the building of the pulpit, professional installation of our new digital PA system, caging of the drums, and a digital piano which was donated to the ministry by Bro. Randy Clark.  New carpet was installed, the vestibule was furnished, and additional rooms were updated.  The Pastor’s office was beautified to her desire.

The church’s membership has expanded with new souls aligning themselves with WCC.  Our Pastor was married in October 2019 to our presiding Elder Tyries Walker, Sr.  Even though they are still on their honeymoon, they are very focused and dedicated to the success of WCC. Our first member to pass was Patricia Cox.  A pillar in Christendom and also one of the founding members of WCC.  Aunt Pat as we so affectionately refer to her is deeply missed and loved.  She was the epitome of a selfless Christian’s heart and has received her reward.

Pastor Sonya continues to love and protect the ministry and the people that it encompasses.  Her desire is that the members become a solid force in their unshakeable faith, and also to be lead by the Power of Jesus Christ at all times.  She continues to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to a transitional world while recognizing that the Word of God remains immutable.

Our overall vision is to seek the lost and to provide Christian practicalities for successful living and a holy life in Christ.  We desire your prayers as we move forward in the years to come.  May God continue to bless Word Center Church.

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